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Revealing attacks in real-time within your network

Today’s breed of attacker uses stealthy and sophisticated methods to penetrate an organization’s perimeter. The indicators of compromise are often impossible to identify before it’s too late. In order to really understand subtle, advanced targeted attacks, enterprises need a complete record of all network traffic.

Pravail Security Analytics uses big data technologies that lower the barrier to entry for organizations looking to deploy and operate world-class security analytics. You don’t need to spend large amounts of capital, and you don’t need to spend months on complex deployments and integration.

Interact with your data like never before. Powerful visualizations display your data from multiple perspectives (attacker, target, location or attack type) and enable you to quickly compare attack statistics from different periods or locations, over years or terabytes of traffic.

At Arbor, we have a fresh approach and a single vision – to provide a richer picture into your network and more security context – so you can solve problems faster and reduce the risk to your business.

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The threat intelligence that keeps Pravail® Security Analytics at the cutting edge of network security comes from multiple sources, including real attack data derived from Arbor’s ATLAS® Active Threat Level Analysis System.


Understanding the threat landscape is all about visibility and context. “Views” allow you to explore their threat data in meaningful ways. Aligning threat data to an organization’s geographic boundary, asset risk or functional business unit provides analysts with clear and precise information to act upon.


Find Zero Day Attacks whenever the Pravail® Security Analytics detection capability is updated, stored packet captures are automatically looped through the system. This provides an in-depth look at data to uncover previously unknown attacks for greater security and enhanced forensics.


Pravail® Security Analytics gives you all the information you need at your fingertips, even across years of network data. Quickly search, tag and label attacks, session and protocol anomalies and files as you deconstruct the attack.

Custom Threat Signatures

Take your Custom Threat Signatures and execute them on our platform. Any network traffic is then inspected and the events are instantly accessible in Pravail® Security Analytics. This feature provides fine touch control of threat indicators, allowing you to enable and disable specific categories or individual indicators.


Web Upload

  • Process incidents immediately.

Secure File Transfer

  • Excellent for large amounts of data.

Amazon S3 Buckets

  • Process your Amazon S3 bucket full of captures.

Why Pravail® ?

Why should I use Pravail® Security Analytics?

Become a “force multiplier” for your security team by bringing context to massive amounts of data, making you the expert!

  • Upload packet captures for a comprehensive network security and threat check.
  • Determine if your network is overly targeted.
  • Full packet capture analysis.
  • Network forensics and incident management.
  • Identifying attackers and tracking advanced persistent threats.
  • Identifying indicators and warnings of threats.
  • Finding zero day attacks in historic data.
  • Data exfiltration and what files are being transmitted.
  • A simpler and more scalable solution than log management.
  • Baselining your network, determining what is normal and comparing it to other customers.
  • Unmask attackers through profiling and monitoring over long time periods.
  • Analyze network data and produce reports for audit and compliance.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your security controls and budgetary spend.

Arbor Technical Assistance Center (ATAC)

If you require technical support assistance, you may contact the Arbor Technical Assistance Center (ATAC) via any of the methods below.


arbor.custhelp.com via the ATAC Customer Support Portal.

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Once logged in you can open a new support incident or view any of your existing incidents.

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